The World Tour

Great-Wall-Badaling-112.jpgIn 2010 I decided to sell up, move out, and take a 12 month journey around the world. Everything I needed went into my rucksack – and everything else went into storage.

Accompanied only by Tigger and Snuff, and a cast of dozens of people that I met along the way, I set out to do some of the exploring that I wanted to do when I was younger. The journey took me through North America and Mexico, across Australasia and through South East Asia.

This blog is the story of that journey… and what happened next. I’ve kept it going because the adventure isn’t over yet.. in fact it won’t be over ’til I hang my boots and rucksack up and move on to the next great adventure of my lives…

If you’re looking for highlights…. well, here’s a couple of posts that I wrote after the 2010-11 adventure was over…

One Year – 22 Countries

The Greatest Journeys in the World

If you want to know more, then take a look at the rest of the posts at

I hope you enjoy it. I hope you learn something. As for me – well, that journey was incredible, and sometimes tough, sometimes exhilarating. I learnt lots. I believe I am someone different – wiser, more powerful, more compassionate, more understanding.

And I look forward to more adventures too…


Faithful companions

Faithful companions


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