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Ripley’s list of reasons to have a dog while you’re working from home

22 Apr

Photo 2020-03-26 13.15.34Early risin’ is pretty much guaranteed, giving you plenty of time to get up an’ get ready for work.

Early mornin’ walks will get the circulation going ready for a productive day. You can listen to useful training podcasts while you walk. Or you can talk to the dog. We like bein’ talked to.

44259761_10160953544215147_999346822860242944_oDoggo distractions provide incentives for mini-breaks throughout the day allowing you to stretch your legs an’ rest your eyes.

Photo 2018-09-04 13.52.37We are always very int’rested in everything you are doin, especially if it might involve snacks, or playtime, or walkies or anythin’, really.

Photo 2019-12-25 14.38.29Listening ears are ready to listen attentively to your ideas without judging them or telling you why they won’t work. We will for sure not get upset by frustrated ranting at absent boss.

Photo 2020-03-06 21.43.51We provides useful backdrop and distraction in interminable Zoom meetings.

Doggie behaviour can also be used as aa ready made excuse for leaving meetings that run on too long: "I’m sorry I just have to walk the dog/feed the dog/save the dog from the cats/see what the dog has destroyed in the kitchen".

Photo 2019-12-25 14.40.26Dogs are proven to be far more effective on mental well bein’ than stress toys.

We will not judge you if you knock off work early. (We don’t really do judgin’. We’re happy you’re here.)

Cuddles an’ hugs are always available. Dogs can work out when you’re havin’ a bad day

42586415_10160875748050147_6093176524087754752_nIf you need a duvet day, we’re with you all the way on that one.

Photo 2018-09-05 14.31.15We will always be ready to assist you in eatin’ your dinner so you don’t overeat. Helpin’!

Photo 2020-03-23 13.47.47We are happy to provide a useful and relaxin’ end to your workin’ day and unwindin’ time by lettin’ you go for another walk with doggo.

ripz snoozinAt the end of a hard working day we are delighted to demonstrate relaxation techniques to help you drift off into peaceful snoozin’.

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