About Me

Pilgrim. Adventurer. Explorer. Dreamer. Magician.
Nice guy.

Just a little bit about me

In 2010 I decided I had had enough of work and decided to retire… and to have adventures. I wanted to see some more of the world, to be wrapped up in wonder at the magical beauty of this planet, to do something different. I wanted to step into the huge world I hadn’t experienced, to do interesting things, to see interesting places, to have interesting experiences and to meet interesting people. So the first thing I did was to book a ticket round the world and go and see some of the places that I had only dreamed of. Like Hawai’i. Like Alice Springs. Like Tibet. You can find a list of the places I visited at The Big Adventures or just dive in to the blog and see what I got up to.

Once I had returned from a trip that took a year to complete, I kept this blog running for other stuff I got up to – whether it was time spent with my friend Ripley the lurcher, or travels round the UK.. or whatever.

To the adventure!

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