Looking back–five years

20 Jul

Great Wall - Badaling (127)

Five years ago almost to the day I set out on a huge adventure, travelling the world for a year… just me, my computer and a backpack, and accompanied by Tigger (a tigger) and Snuff (a seal).

Tigger & Snuff on Tour (3)

Over those twelve months I explored a whole new world of beauty, of adventure, of experience.. some moments were scary (losing my passport in Cambodia, diving into the Mexican cenotes) while some were inspirational (trekking down into the Grand Canyon for an overnight stay, watching the thunder and lightning unfurl on an Arizona plain) and some changed my life (listening to the voice of the Universe speak to my heart in Mexico… walking round Uluru in Australia… sitting in  Buddhist temple in Vietnam…watching lava creep across the landscape in Hawaii..sitting in peace and tranquillity in a park in Tibet..and others were simply unforgettable…standing at the foot of Mount Everest… diving into the waters of the Great Barrier Reef… walking the Tongariro trail into ‘Mordor’… sailing down Milford Sound in New Zealand… chilling in the history of Havana, Cuba… cruising Halong Bay in Vietnam… practicing Tai Chi in Hong Kong harbour.

A million memories, and a truly transformational experience – of solitude and yet knowing I was being cared for, of living from day to day not knowing quite what the next day would bring, and of listening, above all, to my heart and to understanding who I am and why I am here. Some of those thoughts and insights are intensely personal. Some of them I have never told another human being.. while others I have shared in some of my more personal posts at www.registereddisciple.wordpress.com


I told the story of my adventure in a hundred or more blog posts and photographs over at www.exploretheadventure.com but here’s the post I wrote when I got back: The Boys Are Back In Town

Since my return, life has been – well, interesting. More learning. More transformation. More changes. Growing up is never easy. Discovering who you are is never just a walk in the park. And that’s maybe a post for another time. But I know that my life and my destiny was forged in those twelve months on the road…and that who I am today was shaped in that decision to let go of everything, and see where the adventure took me.


Find out more at www.timhodgson.org


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