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A Christmas Gift from me . . .

24 Dec

DSCF7346Every year I get together with a group of friends for food, wine, laughter and deep meaningful conversations about life, love, the universe and everything. On the way over, I got to wondering what I could bring to the party that would set the scene for the celebrations and bring some peace and happiness to everyone. I’d also been thinking about some of the products I am creating for 2013, and so I thought I would try this little experiment out for them – and for you – to enjoy.

So here it is.. a little seasonal meditation that you can sit and listen to to unwind, relax.. and dream. It’s not particularly deep and meaningful, but there are one or two carefully constructed surprises in there just to make you think and to imagine.. and to dream…and to help you look forward to 2013 with curiosity…and anticipation…and excitement. And if you find yourself here, well, it’s for you.

So, Merry Christmas to you and to all those that are close to you. It’s been a joy to be your friend this last year… and now we know the world isn’t going to end – here’s to new starts, new opportunities, new life, new hope – and to the new horizons in front of us all. In all of the craziness and chaos, let Love reign supreme….

So find yourself somewhere nice and peaceful for a few minutes, click the link and press the little orange ‘Play’ button . . .

The Christmas tree picture, by the way, is by the very talented Samantha Stubbs – it’s one of my favourite cards and currently resides on my festive noticeboard.

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