You want onions with that?

4 Nov

Drepung Monastery (28)In downtown Seattle there is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery that sends its monks out into the city to earn their keep. One enterprising monk runs a hot dog stand on the corner of Fourth and Wabash – in his russet robes and with a shaved head, his hotdogs are the fast food of choice for the harassed and harried Seattle dwellers.

He does have his fair share of hecklers though. One wise guy walked and demanded that the monk ‘make him one with Everything’. Without so much as a pause, the monk gave him his hot dog, onions, ketchup, mustard, jalapenos, chilli and cheese. The customer handed over a twenty dollar bill, which the monk made vanish into the folds of his robe before moving on to the next in line. ‘What about my change?’ protested the first customer. ‘Ah’, beamed the monk, dazzling the queue with a smile of beatific radiance, ‘surely you must know that all change comes from within’.

Of course, I may be making this up…


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