Treat yourself to a sunset

25 Mar

DSCF7087One of the things we need to do is to take time out for ourselves… look after ourselves a bit. Maybe kick back, relax, let the world pass us by. Maybe treat ourselves to something that makes us feel good. One of the recommendations for those of us seeking to be wealthy and successful is to set aside 10% of our income as a ‘play’ fund – to be spent on those things that make us feel good. Like a massage, or a manicure – or maybe a nice meal, or… well, you get the idea.

DSCF7075And then there are the other things, too, the things that sometimes come for free… a walk by the river, a date to see the sun rise, time out to just watch nature going by. Time out to let your heart speak, to enjoy a truly spiritual experience as this beautiful planet shows off to an audience of one.

DSCF7085Yesterday, I watched the sun setting over Barnwell Park near Oundle – just a few minutes walk from my home and a beautiful setting to watch the sun slowly disappear in a explosion of coruscating orange and red, throwing the pale blue sky into sharp contrast. The swans and geese glide across the lake, while ducks play fight and a moorhen scuds across the surface for the sheer exultation of it, never quite flying but not really swimming either.

Tonight, I didn’t have my camera as I took a twilight stroll to think some things through and let some dreams settle – to let go and release some stuff that had been troubling me, while letting the new begin to excite my spirit. As I stood on the bridge overlooking the river, and as the sky slowly shaded from softest blue into gentle coral pink, I felt my heart start to relax and let go. The new moon was just a slender crescent suggesting the shape of the disc behind, while Jupiter and Venus watched like proud parents standing guard over their newborn child. On the river a pair of swans glided silently yet purposefully up river, while all around dozens of bats cavorted and danced a wild pirouette through the evening sky.

Eventually the sky grew to an inky black, outlining the stars and the silver white shard of the moon. Sure, I had no camera, but the feelings and the images lie precious and close to my heart… and somewhere, it seems that Truth has spoken and something else has become clearer – and I feel as if my life is in safe hands…


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