Forgotten Post: The greatest journeys in the world . . .

6 Jan

(Another of those posts that didn’t quite make it)


Or at least, my world….

By Boat

Queen Charlott Sound (32)Wellington to Picton, New Zealand, through the Queen Charlotte Sound – simply beautiful as the boat winds its way through the fjord, seeming so close you can touch the banks.

Grand Canyon (173)Rafting the Grand Canyon, USA – 8 days of stunning scenery, total peace and the occasional moment of panic on the rapids. Sleeping out under the stars, and the canyon getting deeper and deeper every mile we went.

Mekong Day 2 (7)Down the Mekong river on the slowboat through Laos – stunning scenery, 150 people crammed onto old car seats, incredible sunsets

RaftingOn a bamboo raft near Chiang Mai, Thailand – watching the river drift lazily past as I built a new meditation metaphor

Barge 2003 (21)A week on a barge with my sons, my brother and his family.. Diving into the canal to rescue a sheep.. And the look on my mother’s face when we picked her up as a surprise for her 70th birthday..

Ferrry From Ovalau (19)Back from Ovelau, Fiji, on the ferry as the sun came up, painting the sky with orange and red.

Milford Sound (174)Overnight through Milford Sound, New Zealand, on the Milford Wanderer – incredible scenery, kayaking, swimming, seals, amazing stars… did I mention the incredible scenery. Heart stopping

Doubtful Sound (20)On a small boat through Doubtful Sound, New Zealand.. A chance to sample ‘the greatest commute in the world’ – penguins, a chance to drive the boat, even more incredible scenery.

By Train

imageRugby to Glasgow on the sleeper, then Glasgow to Fort William over the moors (and on to Lochailort) – I used to work on a salmon farm in Lochailort (would you believe that we used to brand the salmon) and used to go up around once a month. This was where all the old rolling stock used to go – and I would weep at the beauty of the scenery over the lakes and moorland

On The Ghan (30)Through the Outback in Australia on the Ghan – mile after mile of wilderness beauty

By Bus

Monument Valley Horse Riding (7)Canyons Tour on the Green Tortoise bus – the concept of a bus that you can sleep on is brilliant – wake up the next morning in some new and totally beautiful place – and there are so many beautiful National Parks in West Coast USA

To Wellington (4)Any one of the bus journeys in New Zealand, where every turn reveals even more breathtaking beauty and even more staggering scenery.

12 Apostles (3)Along the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne to Adelaide – mile after mile of stunning ocean scenery, beautiful surf beaches, incredible seastacks and ocean arches

On foot

Peru 444The Inca Trail, Peru – 6 days of hard walking (after I had already done 6 days over the mountains – a magical experience, especially when Machu Picchu came into sight through the gates of the sun.

Walk by  (15)By the Tongariro River near Taup New Zealand – tranquil, calm and peaceful

Hike The Canyon (9)An overnight hike into the Grand Canyon – great company and some of the most amazing scenery in the world… imposing, massive, breathtaking

Blue Lake from Ngauruhoe (1)Around the Tongariro National Park – climbing Mount Doom, through Mordor – stunning scenery and desolation on a two day hike

Other forms of transport

Picture 006Snowboarding down any mountain, but in particular chasing my sons down Mammoth Mountain in the USA, watching them kick tricks off the jumps and trees

imageAnd last but not least – a cycle ride round Guernsey (it’s not that big of an island)


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