Lost post: Where God has spoken

1 Jan

Another post that never got published, it seems… but I have chosen New Years Day to publish this simply because… it’s a day of hope and of possibilities, of new journeys and new visions…

There are a few places on this trip where I have felt my heart touched in a new way. That might be because I was in a place of immense beauty. It might be because of something significant that happened. Or it might, simply, be because God chose to say something.

Palenque (4)

On top of the Temple of the Cross in Palenque, Mexico, where it felt that I had received part of what I needed to tell the world….

Krispy Kreme

In a coffee shop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where I got the outline for my next book

Palenque (54)

Under a waterfall in Palenque, where I felt I understood more of my purpose and destiny

Uluru first walk (33)Watching Uluru, Australia, at sunset, when I realised that God has no special places… just amazing people

Wamoku Falls (5)Under the waterfall on the Highway to Hana, where I let go of so much of the old stuff that had been holding me back

Wat Phra Sing (7)

In a temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I finally found a deep and meaningful inner peace

Kilauea (4)

Walking through a lava tube in Volcano, Hawai’i, where I truly felt that I was moving from my old life into a new life, a new purpose, a new goal

Milford Sound (33)

Sitting under the stars in Milford Sound, feeling totally at peace with the Universe

Sat in the Chinese Embassy in Bangkok, reading ‘A Course In Miracles’ and realised that I really was already a teacher of truth….

San Juan Camping (2)

Standing above the San Juan Canyon in Colorado, and understanding some more of who I am and what my gift really is

In a Buddhist temple in Bangkok, being blessed by a Buddhist monk, and realising that the blessing of God was truly on my life


Standing close to lava in Big island Hawai’i and getting just a little more understanding of what energy is all about


Gazing up at the stars in the Outback near Uluru (picture not mine)

Reading ‘A Course In Miracles’ in the Chinese Embassy in Bangkok, clutching my queuing ticket, and learning that a teacher becomes a teacher at the moment that he decides to become one… and knowing, deep inside, that my calling was real.

Wat Arun (17)Being blessed by a monk in Wat Arun, Bangkok, as I take the first faltering baby steps towards my new role – and yet realising just how much of a teacher and leader I already am.

Through CDs and downloads, through the words of people like Neale Donald Walsch on my retreat in Oregon, Joel Osteen’s books which I have read assiduously, and his daily updates, through Serge Kahili King’s course in Huna on Big Island, Hawai’i – and through the encouragement and love of my friends and family, and many of the people I have met on my travels, who have each had an incredible impact.

Gloria Jeans

And in a hundred coffee shops, on a myriad walks, in a thousand moments, when my heart has been open and I have been ready to listen to a voice that is always speaking to me.


One Response to “Lost post: Where God has spoken”

  1. glynn roche January 1, 2012 at 10:49 pm #


    I am really glad you found this post – it really tells a story, got my attention, and inspired me to think about what i am up to.


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