Lighting up the sky

1 Dec

Keele (4)Keele (6)

Having stayed with friends for a while, and having caught up with youngest son at Keele University, it’s back to the van. A night just outside Keele passes quietly, although the arrival of a LandRover which sits alongside Bessie in the early hours of the morning gives me some cause for concern until it simply drives off.

Nr Atherstone (1)Nr Atherstone (2)

Parking up in Leicestershire provides a surprise…The wind howls round the van like a scythe harvesting the last few ears of the harvest.. Bessie rocks in time with the gusts that tear across the Leicestershire landscape, carving their way through trees and over fences while an unexpected firework display lights up the sky with arcs of light on a thousand colours, each spark falling to earth as it lives out its brief life in an incandescent fury of brilliance and glory, light and flame, yet leaving a fleeting image on the retina while delighting the soul. Oh the unexpected joys of life in the road.. .

And then a peaceful morning near Atherstone gives me plenty of time to reflect on what’s been holding me back – disentangling myself from some of the dodgy thinking that has caused me to hold back from the next step. Certainly the uncertainty of the van hasn’t helped – but perhaps it’s now time to get traction and to make some things happen.

It’ll be good to get down to London to speak at the Conversations with God event on the 3rd… time to tell some stories, share some thoughts, and as ever, learn a little more in the process. So much to much fun to be had…

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