A Peak Experience

29 Nov

Why not take a few days to go and visit the Peak District, while I have chance… and the mobile living location for it. The last time I was up in Dovedale was when David was tiny, wrapped up in a blue jumpsuit and toddling down the path, a blond mane of wild hair framing a permanent grin.

DoveDale (19)It’s cloudy, first day, but I do manage to climb Thorpe Cloud before twisting my ankle. A sign reminds me that once upon a time this was an equatorial island set in an azure sea – it’s difficult to imagine that on a foggy English November day.

I still manage to walk from Thorpe to Milldale… the cold and fog keeping all but the hardiest trampers off the path. As I walk, the river bubbles and ripples beside me over rocks and weeds – seemingly unaltered by human impact. A few groups of schoolchildren greet me enthusiastically although their effusive exuberance soon disappears and quiet descends again on the valley.

DoveDale (30)DoveDale (32)

The river has carved its way through the rock over aeons, leaving behind ridges of rock and smooth walled valleys. Wild spires of bare, harsh rock rise into the sky like the outlines of megalithic skyscrapers, or the spine of some ancient reptile, sleeping soundly in the silent landscape, lulled to sleep by the chatter of the river.

DoveDale (42)DoveDale (43)

DoveDale (16)A heron gazes into the stream in search of breakfast before laguidly unfurling its wings and wheeling away with the slightest of leisurely wing beats.



DoveDale (34)DoveDale (37)

Meanwhile, the coolest of cool ducks surf their way down the river, bobbing in the waterfalls as they glide effortlessly down river. How they get to the top is a mystery.. do they fly, or swim against the current.. do they walk, or is there an aquitidean travelator or button lift to take them to the top for another run?

I could live here, you know. Not a million miles from things.. yet peaceful and tranquil enough to calm my heart and soul and allow the voice of the Universe to speak.


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