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Camper van chaos

17 Nov

Hi there… thought I should write a quick post to tell you where I have got to…

So, having spent a few months back in the UK, and staying with friends and family, and after my ex mother in law’s funeral, some normality has been restored. And a huge thank you to all of you who’ve given me your hospitality over the last few months.

But it’s time for another adventure.

DSCF6837So, introducing Bessie. Bessie is a camper van, graciously and wonderfully given to me by Sue and Andy Lander. I’m going to be spending a few weeks travelling the UK in Bessie, taking some time out and catching up with friends.

But a camper van is less than an ideal base for operations – so in order to create some stability in my life, and in order to deal with some of the challenges that I am facing, I’m going to go back to live in Oundle, Northants, from December 7th. It means I can grab my stuff out of storage and relieve my brother from having to open my post (thanks, Chris). It means I will have somewhere stable to work and actually get some of the ideas that have been cascading around me into products and deliverables. It’s only a temporary move while I sort some things out which will probably take me up to the middle of 2012 – and then… who knows? Might still be Edinburgh. Might be somewhere else. Wherever I end up, it will still be an incredible adventure.

DSCF6838Meanwhile, Bessie is a wonderful base: I wake up every morning in beautiful countryside, take a walk, try and find a bit of internet (and 220v power)somewhere… now, if I can just get the propane tank fitted, I can heat the van and cook dinner!

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