Lucky Man

7 Oct

You know, I’ve been a very, very lucky man in my life so far.

I have had a fabulous career with both British Steel and with Unilever – getting to be very very successful, such that I could demand redundancy, and get a package that would allow me to start my own business, as well as providing me now with an independent source of income that would allow me to follow my dream. And I have driven some wonderful cars, had some wonderful experiences, and learned loads. With Unilever I travelled to some amazing parts of the world that I wouldn’t have gone to otherwise (I remember the day they told me the annual conference was in Bali – I told them I wasn’t prepared to go, but they forced me. They forced me, honest….)

I’ve been married, and even though we’re not together any more, I’m still a better man for the experience. And I’ve dated some truly beautiful, wonderful, incredible women – and let them get away! Silly boy..

I’ve had the privilege and the honour of raising two of the most amazing, wise and wonderful sons – David and Jonny. They have been my friends, my supporters, my advisers. We have been with each other in the hospital, in karate dojos, on freezing cold football pitches. We have thrown ourselves off snow covered mountains together and laid on the floor in the early hours making things out of Lego or cardboard tubes. They are now the most amazing and wonderful young men, and I love them to bits. You’ll hear more from them over the years to come!

DSC00010I’ve had some incredible and wonderful adventures – learning to ski and snowboard, climbing, kayaking, scuba diving, horseriding, sports car racing, riding the Colorado River, wakeboarding, waterskiing, eating fire, walking on fire, walking on glass, bending an iron bar with my throat and breaking a wooden board with my bare hands. Getting my first and second dan black belts in karate (and teaching it), learning aikido, tai chi, chi gong, reiki, hypnotherapy, NLP and more…

And I’ve danced – oh, how I have danced…

I’ve made some wonderful, incredible friends – people that have stood by me, and who have supported me through the tough times. There are too many to name… but I can guarantee that whoever you are, if you have had an impact on my life, I have remembered you, and I thank you for it. I am honoured by your friendship and your love.

I’ve been through some tough shit, and I thank God for it, as it has made me who I am today.

I’ve been on an incredible spiritual journey, too… through Christianity and running the university Christian Union, through the charismatic movement of miracles and wonders, through the New Age and power of intention, and the New Thought movement – to a place where I am happy that I am working out my own faith and I don’t have to rely on what other people say I should believe. And to a point where I am happy being me – this wonderful, amazing, powerful being that I am.

I am truly, truly grateful to everyone who has been part of my life – and to Divine Intelligence for orchestrating it.

But actually, the original reason for writing this post was to publish this ‘where I have been’ map – from holidays, travel with work, and my world tour – but when I started thinking about it all… well, I just felt really, really grateful for all of it!! (and I realised there’s a lot of world still out there…)



      One Response to “Lucky Man”

      1. Nikki Rose October 10, 2011 at 11:16 am #

        Yes, Mr H – it seems that you are indeed a very, very lucky man :o)

        But equally, I’m sure many will feel that they, too, are very, very lucky to have had you in their midst – even if only for a short time – and privileged to have felt your calming and deeply positive influence around them. And I for one thank you!

        Mrs R xx

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