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Sorting the brochures

16 Sep

I brought a whole load of brochures and souvenirs back with me from my travels… and decided that, really, the photos were the best souvenirs… and the rest of it might as well be thrown away. I’m going to need to be travelling light for the next part of my adventures anyway – so a few kilograms of maps, tourist guides and miscellaneous papers probably don’t feature highly in my ‘must keep’ section.

So, into the recycling bin with those… but I did take a photo of the tickets I’d accumulated, including a 3D ticket from China, my pass to Uluru and Kata Tjuta in Australia (including the admonition ‘please don’t climb the rock’, my pass to the Great Wall, my train ticket to Lhasa, and a Ceroc Hong Kong publicity card. Lots of memories….


Meanwhile, in other news, the next part of my adventure is starting to unfold. I’m waiting for some news to come back before I know, but it’s starting to feel exciting again… (what, you thought I’d stopped? I don’t think so…)

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