Wedding of the year

4 Sep

(no, not THAT one)

Sometimes, adventure and fun is to be found closer to home… I was in Cambodia for the Royal Wedding…. but I made sure I got back for this one….

All weddings are special – but my friends Mandy and Di made this one fun. How could it be anything else?

DSCF6765The registrars held their breath at the traditional question ‘does any person here present know of any lawful impediment’….and I’m sure there was a whispered question of ‘where are the grooms…?’ Since they are both members of the local Morris crew, they had plenty of folk on hand for a suitable procession… and for dancing on the green…

They danced ‘Morecambe and Wise’ style back up the aisle… and joined in the Morris too (Mandy having learned to catch right handed, as there’s no room for southpaw catching in a right handed Morris team).

DSCF6780And I even managed to get an award for floristry… not sure how I let that happen, although I think my contribution was along the lines of ‘why don’t we put that bit of ivy on the corner of the table’. And Di’s ex husband was on hand to wish the happy couple well.

There are special moments in life, and I know this was a special moment for Mandy and Di. But it was special to me, as their friend, to see so much love, and forgiveness, and happiness, and joy, and simple riotous good fun. And people in silly costumes.

God bless you both…. xx

One Response to “Wedding of the year”

  1. Mandy September 4, 2011 at 5:14 pm #

    Thanks for the lovely sentiments Tim. We’re really glad you enjoyed the day. We set out to just have fun, whatever the weather. We were careful to tell anyone playing a part in the day to forget about ‘wedding’, just think party, with a ceremony! And I think it worked. We’ve had a lot of feedback, (even from the registrars!) and everyone has said how much they enjoyed it and what great fun it was. And you’re right, it was a great example of love and forgiveness as Di’s ex-husband shared those few words – not a dry eye in the house. Certainly a day to remember!! xx

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