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Travelling Companions

27 Jun

I thought I should say a huge ‘Thank You’ to the travelling companions that have kept me on the straight and narrow over the last few months.



So – from left.. a very battered hat from Bangkok that has kept my head from roasting – trusty walking boots – silk sleep sheet for keeping the bugs out – mobile phone – MP3 players full of music and teaching audios for those long bus journeys – a Kindle full of great books (see later) – a laptop complete with the clothes peg that is STILL holding the screen together – a somewhat battered rucksack with (deep joy) a ventilated back to keep the sweat down (and with emergency whistle (thanks, Heather) still attached but unused)– my new Muji journal at half the size of the last one (yay!) (and a bag to keep it in) – a pair of North Rock sandals that despite an early fastening failure are still with me – and, last but not least, Tigger and Snuff.

On the subject of Tigger and Snuff, I took a photo of them in the cabin on board the junk in Halong Bay – and forgot to put them away. So exactly WHAT the other occupant of my cabin thought, I dread to think.

Not pictured – a belt picked up in Fiji that held my trousers up (following my weight loss) until the buckle finally snapped in Pokhara and my camera (of course)

Apart from my music, without which the bus trips might have been interminable, I’ve also had some great reading and audio material with me. It seems that I have been looking a lot at getting your dreams, at prosperity, at wealth: and somewhere in there a chord has struck – and that’s going to be such a huge part of what I am going to be teaching, training and writing about when I get back. I have a real empathy with those people whose dreams seem to have faltered – and so I am looking forward to getting back to let some of the secrets I have learned loose!

In no particular order, then, I’ve been listening to audio from Joel Osteen and Randy Gage, as well as brushing up my NLP with an NLP course refresher. I’ve read very little fiction apart from Jasper Fforde’s ‘One of our Thursdays is Missing’ and Mark Billingham’s ‘From The Dead’ – apart from some illadvised choices from the discard pile in some Australian hostels. Interestingly, the English books stopped appearing by the time I got to Asia, and all the books were either French or German (or Chinese).

I’ve read Joel Osteen’s “Your Best Life Now” and “Become a Better You” over and over – when I have not been reading Randy Gage’s abundance series, Catherine Ponder’s ‘”The Millionaire Moses” (was THAT an eye opener about wealth and prosperous living).. and also books from classic authors – like Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, Wallace Wattles’ “The Science of Getting Rich” and then “As A Man Thinketh” by James Allen. My God, there’s a lot of stuff gone in that should make the next few months very interesting indeed….


(screenshot from my PC Kindle)

apart from the fact that my Kindle is very poorly, I’m loving being able to carry all my books and the things I write on it too. And while I am thinking about it – there’s a great version of the Bible, which is Open Source and absolutely free – and it’s a pretty good translation too.

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