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Back to the Future

11 Jun

So.. It’s been around 11 months now since I set out on this wild and wonderful adventure… and I thought I would spend some time today talking about plans for when I get back (in less than 30 days). One of the reasons for setting out on this journey was to create a quantum shift in my experience – to come back and make radical changes in who I am choosing to be, in what I am doing, in my life, in my business… I’ve spent time over the last few months looking deep within myself, considering my beliefs, my values, my behaviours. I’ve looked at my dreams, my goals – at what I truly want out of life. I have looked at what I am here to achieve, at my gift, at my purpose – at what I am choosing to make my life about.

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I’ve looked deep into the heart of my relationship with God, Love, The Universe, Divine Energy, Universal Intelligence – whatever you want to call it. I’ve found ways of reconciling the heart of my Christianity with my conviction that there is not ‘one way to heaven’ – and my knowledge that ‘we are all one’ and that God is in each one of us – and that we have the creative life force of God in our beings.


I made a commitment to myself that the ‘old Tim’ wasn’t coming back – that a new and more powerful man would be returning – more true to the truth of who I am – that I would have, if you like, found myself on this journey. It hasn’t been, in any sense, a holiday – in some moments it has been incredibly painful and heart searching – but it has been a transforming experience.

So, what’s going to be happening with me? Let’s look at When..Where… What… and How…I think we might have sussed ‘Why’ by now….


Well, I get back on the 10th of July from Mumbai (I’m currently in Tibet, and will be travelling through Nepal and India). I’m going to spend the first few days collecting my thoughts and getting to grips with actually being in the UK before I travel back to catch up with friends and family… I have a sense that the last few weeks of this trip are going to be a whirl of travel, learning, experience and even more inner transformation… so I know I will need to let that settle.


To maintain the momentum of change, I wanted to do something different – and to be somewhere different – and so I am going to live in Edinburgh. My son is going to college there in August, and so he asked if we can help each other out financially in getting a flat there. It’ll be a new start in a city I love.. although we are trying to move at the same time as the Fringe festival is on.. so we will be looking for something magical to occur for us in terms of finding a place!

I’m really excited about this, although I am certainly going to miss the friends I have made.. the good news is that I am planning to do a lot more travelling in the UK to run events in the Midlands and in the South of England – and internationally too. And those dance weekenders will still be happening (yes, Ms Rose, the Burton Ball too)! My youngest son is going to be in Stoke at Keele University, so I also have an excuse to visit there as well!


One of the exciting things about this trip has been the insight I have had into what I want to do for a business – which, for me, is about my purpose and my ‘reason for being’. I’ve spent a lot of time considering what I want to create. I sense that when I originally left Unilever I shrank down from what I really wanted to do and settled for something ‘safe’… and now, having got back in touch with that dream, it’s allowed me to truly look at the future with new eyes.

I’ve recognised that what I really do is to help people connect with the truth of Who They Are, of what is possible for them – of reaching their potential. There’s a lot in there about encouragement, about confidence, about true prosperity, about personal evolution. I have found, though, that I work with people at an almost alchemical level – that they ‘get’ it simply by being around me. I have a unique blend of spiritual insight and understanding of how people work that I believe will enable me to bring something very special to people. I think, at the core of it all, it’s based around my faith that ‘you’re not broken’.


I’m moving away from one to one coaching and therapy work, at least as a core part of what I am doing. I’m going to be focussing more on workshops and seminars, as well as mastermind group work, products (CDs, DVDs, on line programmes) and writing – I have a couple of books mapped already.

I’m also looking at some massive event ideas too, things that don’t fit into the normal mould of personal development or spiritual events.

There’s a whole load of stuff bubbling away and just waiting for me to get back and start to get traction and put a plan together – I have deliberately stayed away from creating that absolutely concrete plan until I get back.

On line, I’ll be pouring more effort into the Journey Into Power blog site, and using that to share thoughts, insights and more. I’ll also be launching a new blog site and regular newsletter, based on the insights and quotes that have come to me over the years. It’s going to be called ‘The Promise’ which will help me share some of the truth about life in a simple and inspirational way. 


And this site? Well, the adventure continues. I’m already thinking about the next adventure – maybe not 12 months next time, but there’s a whole world to see.. Africa, Latin America, Antarctica, Alaska…. I’m definitely going to continue to Explore The Adventure. What about you?

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