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Summer in the city

5 Jun


When it got too hot in the Forbidden Palace, the emperor, the empresses and the concubines all upped sticks and went to the Summer Palace. And I thought I might as well collect the last of the major sights of Beijing. There’s lots I haven’t done – but to be honest, I am feeling a bit weary of wandering round buildings, so perhaps a walk in the park would be a better plan. I hop a few trains to get here.. fight off the attentions of a very insistent tour guide.. and then wander round the palace.

Summer Palace (7)

Again, lots of Chinese just relaxing or on tours, with a scattering of western faces and the ever present Japanese.

But it’s a lovely location, and peaceful once I get out of the way of the crowds. I’ve only got a couple of hours before I need to get back and get sorted for the train this evening… but plenty of time for a walk round the lake. Somehow, it feels a bit like Wicksteed Park (Northamptonshire folk will know what I mean – Wickies used to be my back garden playground) with the lake, the boats, the arched bridges…

Summer Palace (2)Summer Palace (14)

Anyway, enough reminiscences. The souvenir vendors seem thicker on the ground here, but I avoid buying any fans, carved animals, strange hats, or false noses with party squeakers attached (the big thing in Beijing this year).

Summer Palace (10)Summer Palace (15)Summer Palace (26)


Mind you… I was a bit puzzled by the sign protecting this lion. Protecting the relics, I can understand… but protecting the railings…? Do we need railings to keep people off the railings?

Summer Palace (22)Summer Palace (23)

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