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Continuing the journey

30 Apr

It’s actually been an incredible few days here in Cambodia. From expecting it to take a week to get my passport/exit visa/Vietnam visa sorted out to suddenly finding I could be out of the country by tomorrow… well, I realised that suddenly my reason for being here is over. I had “remained too long on this mountain” and it was time to move on.

More significantly, I had learned the life lessons I needed to…when anything suddenly changes, it’s worth looking back and seeing why? I might be as easy as ‘I did that’ or, as it was for me ‘I learned that’

  • I needed to understand the reasons why I actually created a situation where (if you remember) I lost first one credit card then another, my passport, and a whole load of other stuff.
  • I needed to learn some things about forgiveness – forgiveness to others, sure… but more importantly forgiveness of myself.
  • I needed to learn more about who I truly am – and what I am going to be doing when I get back to the UK.
  • I needed to learn something about my own personal worth and value.
  • I needed to learn why I couldn’t manage to get a job even though I tried – and how, despite my attempting to close the door on my business, it was going to remain resolutely open.

This blog was really created to be a travel blog – but because there  have been so many lessons learned through that trip, then my beliefs and thoughts have crept in – because it’s impossible to separate the parts of our lives.

And yet… as I get my act together, and as I work out what I’m drawn to do, I’ve decided to create a new blog, which will be more about teaching and about exploring the Universe, God, Love, Destiny, Personal Evolution and more.

I’ve called the blog ‘”Journey Into Power” and you can find it at It’s a work in progress, and you’ve seen one or two of the posts before, but read the introduction at

and a bit more about my path and journey at

Now, that’s going to make it easier for me to concentrate on travel stuff on Explore The Adventure, and use this blog for my deeper thoughts. And I will try and reference links from Explore The Adventure to this blog when it makes sense to do that.

For the moment, until I get my fan page sorted out, both of those will feed Facebook on my main page. You decide what you want to read! Later on, I’ll separate them.. but bear with me for the moment! So much to do… and so much travel to get in, too. And remember that both of those blogs have a subscribe link for email so you won’t miss anything.

It’s been an incredible few days, and so much clarity has come through for me – I’m really excited about the future!

Loads of love


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