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The Brotherhood of the Travelling Pants

20 Apr


Let's Go... (2)

Sadly, I have today to announce that I will be parting company with treasured companions that have been with me on this journey from the very beginning. They’ve been responsible for saving my ass on various occasions, for keeping me out of a number of embarrassing situations, for helping me with lots of my stuff. We’ve been closer than close. We’ve been photographed together on many occasions. We’ve sweated together, rolled in the mud together, climbed mountains together, got wet together.  As I have found myself feeling smaller, they have remained a constant. We’ve discussed it in detail, and they feel that it would be best if they were left behind in Battambang, having managed to stay with me faithfully until this point.

No, for heavens sake, not Tigger and Snuff. I refer, of course, to my khaki shorts, prominent in most photographs of this trip. They have been repaired on several occasions (and although functional, sewing is not my forte). They now resist the attempts of any laundry service to get them clean. I believe they have also developed a life of their own, and have been spotted around town ON THEIR OWN after dark. They also feel a little responsible for the ‘lost passport and wallet’ incident, and although I have repeatedly insisted that I hold myself wholly responsible for this disaster, I have failed to convince them.


So, sadly, my travelling pants will be retiring. They have been replaced by alternatives (you will be glad to know), but will be available for weddings, bar mitzvahs and handfasting celebrations in the Battambang area. Book early as we anticipate high demand for these well travelled trousers, who have their own story to tell, and seem to be carrying the dust of many nations.

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