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A really special announcement… a chance to be part of the adventure… and a gift for you…

12 Apr

One of the things I have been doing while I have been travelling is to work on new products and workshops for when I get back to the UK (in less than 3 months – yay!). I’m going to send  you some more news about that nearer to the time, but I did want to give you early access to a new product that I put together while I have been in Cambodia!


This is an amazing process that I have done with a few folks in the UK already – but this is a special programme I have put together especially for you, called ‘The Cube’. This process is deep, and fun, and revealing. It’s based on an ancient Sufi voyage of self discovery…. and I have made it even more powerful now! We tested it out deep in the jungles of Cambodia and had a lot of fun with it.

I’m never quite sure of a lot of self analysis tools like Myers Briggs, or the questionnaires you get in magazines (even though I love filling them out to see what I find out) – because they put you in a box “You’re an introvert”…”you’re an extrovert”… “you like being in charge”… and so on. And believe me, having been in management and on this journey of self discovery I have done a LOT of those questionnaires!

I like ‘The Cube’ because YOU get to do the interpretation. YOU decide what it means. And that gives all the power back to you! I also like ‘The Cube’ because it stars in one of my favourite films, Serendipity (you can see it on the DVD) and because it’s great fun to do with friends (or…. as an icebreaker, or to get to know someone a bit better… are you seeing some possibilities yet?).

And I like it because there’s something magical about doing it… and because I have realised something really powerful about it…. but you’ll have to do ‘The Cube’ with me to find that out!

SO, I’m making the first version of ‘The Cube’, with all my extra stuff, my insights, my thoughts on how to interpret it and so on, available as an audio programme for you to download.

Now, I’ve not set a price on it – I have created a ‘Donate’ button, and here’s why.

Reason #1: Some folk have asked if it’s possible to donate to me for the expenses of running the trip, and the blog (I had to renew the domain name recently – can’t believe it’s a year since I bought that!). So here, they can – and get ‘The Cube’ as a ‘Thankyou’ present.

Reason #2: I really like The Cube process, and I thought I would try it out with you. And if you’d like a copy – well, here it is, and you can get it for what you think its value is to you.

Reason #3: I want to do more of these downloads and products, and I would really like to know what you would like to see. I might do a relaxation one next – what do you think (I have some cool technology for doing neat hypnotic tracks that are fantastic for relaxation…or confidence… or well, all sorts of things.


Option 1 : If you’d like to get hold of ‘The Cube’ – then just click the link below to order the product and make a donation – whatever you’d like to pay – and a big ‘Thank You’ from me.

Option 2 : If you’d like to be a partner in this adventure that I am on with you and support me – then click the link below and make a donation and I will send you ‘The Cube’ to say a big ‘Thank You’.

So, whichever you choose, then please just click the link below, let PayPal know how much you want to donate, and that’s that… and a huge, huge, huge ‘Thank You’ and resounding cheer from Asia! You should get sent to a page to download the audio, but if not, just mail me ( and I’ll send you a link to the download as soon as I get internet connection again! Or you could just mail me anyway, just for the fun of it.  By the way, if you don’t have a PayPal account, that’s OK – you can donate as a PayPal Guest and use a credit or debit card.


Please, honestly, there’s no pressure – it’s just that some folk had wanted to do something, and this was the easiest thing to set up.

With all my love – and as soon as I see you again, you get the biggest of big hugs – all of you!!

And just to say again, with love and with thanks for all of your support – for cheering me on from the sidelines, for writing to me, for texts, and wall posts, for messages and emails… and for just being my friends. I love you all.



PS – do you know why a gecko is called a gecko? Because it makes a ‘gecko gecko’ sound. Sometimes they do this in the middle of the night, at which point I have to be gently coaxed down from the ceiling fan, and I did have a gecko attempting to star in the recording of ‘The Cube’ which I had to edit out. But did I manage to edit every gecko out.. or did I miss one? You’ll have to listen to find out….

PPS – I’m really happy for you to send other people to this page – there isn’t a formal sales page for ‘The Cube’ yet.. but if  you know someone who would enjoy it – well, just send them to

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