Who Am I?

27 Mar

imageLosing your passport is quite a significant event – in fact, as I trekked through the jungles of Ratanakiri province, I realized that actually, there was nothing on me to identify me. No credit cards. No passport. No wallet. Everything that I had done to protect me while I was away – the insurance policy, the contact details… all gone. If there had been a problem right then, no-one would have known who I was.

I quickly wrote my brother’s phone number (and my name) in my notebook.. just in case… but it did get me thinking.


Many of us choose to treat the events that happen to us as just luck, or ‘just what happened’. I don’t think anything is ‘just luck’ – but we do choose the meaning that we give those events.

So for me, an event might be a message from the Universe.. or it might simply be something that I can choose my response to. Am I going to choose to panic, to become fearful… or am I going to look at it as something else to experience, to grow from, to learn to overcome? I can choose to make it part of the adventure.

And yet I did look at it and see if there was a message there for me (apart from the obvious one of ‘take more care of your important possessions.’ OK, I get it, I get it). And it seemed there was….

I’ve known for some time that this trip was partly about ‘a new start’ – letting go of lots of ‘old’ stuff so I could move on. As I have gone through the last few months I have experienced a huge release from lots of the things that had got in my way. Some of those were old beliefs, old behaviours, old habits. There were things I was holding on to – things that I had become comfortable with. There were things that were stopping me stepping into a bold brave future. And I reminded myself that I was at liberty to step into a future of my own choosing at any moment.

It’s been significant for me that I will have experienced three New Year events this year – the Western New Year, Chinese New Year, and Cambodian New Year. I’ve known that there was something about ‘newness’ that was really significant.

And so, I simply felt I was being invited to redefine myself. To decide who I will be. To decide my values, my beliefs, my behaviours, my responses. To decide, in the face of everything that goes on in my life, Who I Am.

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