Losing my stuff

19 Mar

It’s been great over the last couple of weeks – magically, my pack has got much lighter. Well, it’s not magic really, but my friend Lisa took some of the things that I didn’t need back to the UK with her (thanks, Lisa!). I think I may even have sent some stuff back with me that I actually need. But, you know, I will get by just fine without that as well.  But it did make me wonder . . .

You see, we all carry lots of stuff with us that we don’t really need. I know that when I left home before embarking on this amazing adventure, I cleared my home out and got rid of so much stuff that I didn’t need. And, you know, I think I probably kept a lot of stuff in storage that I don’t really need… because it helps me feel safe and prepared. Things I have accumulated over years, that I have kept around just in case I need them, or things that used to be important but aren’t any more. Things that I have stuffed in a drawer ‘just in case’. Papers that I have filed ‘because I might need them’. There are memories, and there are things that I think I should keep but can’t really think of why I do. There’s stuff that’s there because knowing that it’s there helps me know I can go back to my old life easily.

And sometimes I wonder why I am keeping all that junk around.


In the same way I have an awful lot of stuff with me in my backpack. I read the guides on what I should take, and then added some thoughts of my own. I have antibiotics and rehydration tablets. I have duct tape and super glue. I have a multifunction tool. I have a battery charger. I have stuff to ease aches and pains and more Doxycycline than most chemists stock (I need to take antimalarials for around four months). I’ve carried a bag of pasta half way round the world for some reason.

I’ve got a whole load of technology, more long pants than I need, and shirts I rarely wear. And sometimes I just think to myself ‘do you really need all this stuff with you? Do you really need to keep lugging all this stuff around with you, or could you just let it go? Could you just live from day to day without taking all that stuff around with you?’

And sometimes I think about all the stuff that we accumulate about our lives – all the stuff that gets in the way of living simply and easily – all the things that clutter our lives up. I know that there’s a lot of stuff that I cling on to, stuff from my old life, stuff that I left behind ages ago, but that for some reason I am still lugging around, still holding on to. ‘When would now be a good time to let it go?’, I find myself asking. ‘What would happen if you just chose to let it go – you haven’t needed it for so long, perhaps it would be a good plan to just move on….? To just leave all the stuff you don’t need behind you…..?’

Just.. thinking….


One Response to “Losing my stuff”

  1. mandy March 21, 2011 at 2:10 pm #

    Lol! and just on the day I read this is the day that we’ve started to clear out the garage. Di’s wanting to chuck stuff – like my old, very old rucksack that has travelled so many miles with me, but is old and uncomfortable and long since been replaced with a newer lighter version. It’s useless, it’s just junk, but I can’t bear to throw it!! And I’m going on about the rucksack because I can’t bear to even think about the contents of the boxes on the next shelf along. My precious books, from a life long long ago. I know she’ll want to throw those away too. And she’s probably right, but….

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