My most precious travel stuff….

11 Mar

I talked a bit about technology, and about what I’ve taken with me – and perhaps a little about what I need to have with me too. Jackie Walker started me off with her question about what 5 things you would take with you when you leave the house(you really should find out more about this woman – she’s the ‘Chief Navigator for Relation Ships , a relationship coach and one of the people I really trust for good advice and to remind me who I am when I get things wrong (and when I get things right. I love the stuff she’s doing. Check her out at My list was

Journal & pencil so i can record anything important (and so I have something to do if I am at a loose end)
Hat/scarf to keep the sun off my head
Mosquito repellent/suntan lotion
Bottle of water coz it’s darned hot
Camera to record how much fun I’m having
Bonus item – Tigger and Snuff for photo opportunities..

Like this one, at the eco lodge that I’ve been in this week


Sorry, got sidetracked.The really precious things I am carrying with me, the real ones I would be annoyed if I lost, are

– my camera (to record all the amazing moments, the amazing people and the incredible beauty)

– my wallet and passport (for obvious reasons)

– Tigger and Snuff (partly because Snuff has gone missing once already)

– my MP3 player (because they help keep me sane on long bus rides, and because they hold the teaching audios that I am listening to)

– my Kindle (because of all the books on it, and because there’s no way I would get a replacement out here)

– my journal (And the cheap bag from Chiang Mai that I put it in, and a pencil from Kuala Lumpur that magically advances as I use it, and an eraser…)

( there are some other very precious things that I carry with me too – gifts from friends and family that I would be devastated if I lost)

DSCF2089Now, I haven’t mentioned my journal before, but I thought I would. I have kept a journal for ages, having been trained in Time Management and stuff years ago, and having used a laptop and PDA/Phone for some of it. Right now, though, it’s all on paper.


I’m actually quite proud of the engineering – unable to find a folder that was thin enough to travel with me, I designed my own out of two sheets of plastic and four binding rings. Then, armed with lots of looseleaf paper and some ring binder pockets and dividers, I have been able to create what I want.

The cover is a collection of quotes and things I want to remember – my goals for the trip (might share those some time!), a reminder to follow my heart, and some declarations of Who I Am and who I am becoming.

There are sections in there for daily meditations & prayers, for my journal/diary, for notes on workshops and books (and more) that I will put together when I get back (see, I haven’t been unproductive!). There’s a section for notes from things I am reading, along with lists of stuff to do and where I am going to be (and lists for when I get back, too).

And there’s a section to remind me of who I am and of my value, too… made up from quotes from people who love and care for me (so you’re probably featured!) to remind me of my value, in case I should tend to forget.


I actually recommend this to all my clients – to start keeping an Achievements Diary. Write in it everything you are proud of achieving, and the compliments that people give you – reminders of what your strengths are, of the things you do well, where you succeed. (By the way, this is no place for what you get ‘wrong’ – just let those disappear). Mine’s actually on my computer, too, in a file called ‘I Am Great’.

It’s interesting, because when you start, you’re recording everything and they seem so small – and then you start recording bigger and bigger things as your confidence rises and you do even more.

On days when you need reminding of your value, then just take a look at what people have said about you. They’re telling you the real truth about Who You Are. They’re reminding you of just how amazing and incredible you are. They’re reminding you of how you succeed in everything you put your mind and your heart into.

And also it can help if you’re trying to work out what to do with your life – because often your real strengths and your real passions are things other people notice. Certainly there are some things that people have said that have shaped what I do – because they believe I can, and because it has resonated with something inside.

So, here’s my challenge. Start an Achievements Diary. It might not be easy at first – you might feel a little self conscious or embarrassed. That’s OK. Persevere, and you will build an incredible resource for those tough days when it’s not so easy to remember just how wonderful a human being you truly are.


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