6 Mar

It’s been a little different, being on my own.. and yet it’s given me a chance to catch up on my own thoughts. I spent some time gazing out over the Mekong River in Vientiane this morning.. just musing, and reconnecting to that sense of the Divine inside myself. And I’ve sat in the excellent coffee shops in Vientiane too, just working out some more of what I do feel about life.


I’ve let go of some of the need to DO things, to find a way to fix my finances, the need to write, the need to prepare, the need to create something and build my business. It’s felt good to just let go of that need – and yet as I do I find a new creativity coming, creating pieces of material that will get used in a dozen seminars, or will become core parts of my books and products in the future. I’ve seen the ways that parts of my experience and stories that I have been part of can be used to communicate truth, or simply as an aid to helping create learning and change states for people – as individuals, as groups, and even when I’m not present!

And it occurs to me, really – I am not alone. To start with, there’s you lot out there, reading this blog, connecting to me on Facebook. There’s the folk who mail me and text me regularly, who remind me there is a world back home too. Wherever ‘home’ is now! And there are the people I meet, here and there – some lovely folk I met on the bus from Bangkok to Vientiane, the wonderful Mack & Chelsea who I met on the slow boat from Laos, and bumped into in Vientiane yesterday – and a whole host of folk that I am yet to meet. (wierd  spooky moment. Mack and Chelsea have just walked into THIS cafe as I write this)

And, even more significant than that, there’s my relationship with the Creator, with the Universe, with Love itself – with whatever you want to call it/him/her (and, really, I don’t care) – when I stop and listen to my heart, when I stop to go inside and feel what’s going on in there.. it feels as if there’s another heart beating alongside mine. There’s another Presence… another Being.

And sometimes, even when I know that you are all cheering me on from the sidelines, it can feel a bit lonely.. and it’s at those moments that I hear that small Voice speaking to me. It might be through what I am reading, or what I am listening to. it might be a moment of insight into what’s going on around me. It might be the awesome beauty of nature, or the simple action of someone – a smile, a gesture, or watching them at work. It could be anything – but it’s at that moment that I KNOW that I am part of something much bigger. It’s at that moment that I sense the connection to the rest of humanity, to nature, to the earth, the universe, and to Love itself. It’s at that moment that I can hear something speaking to my soul. Sometimes it’s a word of comfort, and sometimes it’s encouragement, insight and direction. But in all of it, and in every moment – I’m never alone.



2 Responses to “Solitude”

  1. nikki rose March 6, 2011 at 12:45 pm #

    You are most definitely never alone, Tim – and there are a lot of people who are reading with interest, curiosity,and passion about what you’re doing, and what you’re thinking about, on your travels.

    Hugs to you,
    Nikki xxx

  2. Mack Grout March 6, 2011 at 3:33 pm #

    Nice blog post Tim!

    That is exactly what me and Chelsea do. We walk in on people right when they are feeling alone! Although, sometimes we walk in on people when they are ‘trying’ to feel alone, and it is not appreciated as much!




    P.S. Don’t let the bedbugs bite……

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