When you get older you get a bit Krabi…

24 Feb

(actually, Ao Nang, but that’s close enough)

And so, finally, to the beach. Ao Nang is a beautiful place, and when we arrive, the locals are out on Noppharat Thara beach in force.

It’s quite a busy tourist harbour, with long tail boats (so called because the propeller is on a 2m boom behind the boat. Look it up at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long-tail_boat if you’re interested – but basically, in keeping with lots of things around here, it’s a boat made out of bits of things that weren’t meant to be in boats (like auto engines) and the whole thing is designed about the implications of that (like, mounting the engine on top of the boat to keep it cool, and to allow it to swing round, so there’s no need for a rudder)

Ao Nang (1)Ao Nang (48)Ao Nang (18)Ao Nang (33)

Anyway, it’s quite remarkable, with sandstone karst formations rising out of the sea as if they belong in a James Bond movie (actually, that’s later in the week). At low tide it’s possible to walk to the islands (although the sand is a bit squidgy) and the tide goes out so far I am reminded of Hunstanton.

And so a couple of days of chilling and relaxing, a chance to knock back fruit smoothies and watch little tiny bubble crabs create amazing patterns in the sand as they form the sand into little balls and push them behind them (eating the detritus off the sand as they go). Sometimes, it actually looks like they have created the patterns on purpose…

imageAo Nang (34)

The tuk tuks have evolved again – now they are motorcycle and side car combinations:

Ao Nang (7)

At the moment there’s a fair on – the local pimped cars are on show, with lights, and sound systems in the trunk


(this isn’t one of my pictures, by the way – but it gives you an idea)


– and the kids are playing Bingo. The street food is good, and by a simple method of waving and pointing I manage to get a decent plate of spicy glass noodle shrimp.

The proprietor of the hotel, Joey, is incredibly cheerful, and simply says that the reason why he has a hotel is ‘I do it for happy’. And he does.

And Tigger and Snuff finally get in the sea, too…


And on the way back to the hotel the heavens open up.. and I feel like there’s a story in there, too….http://registereddisciple.wordpress.com/2011/02/22/do-you-know-where-youre-going/


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