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Cairns.. it’s hot, it’s sticky, and I kinda like it…

14 Jan

Wednesday & Thursday

So, into Cairns. The outback was hot and dry.. Cairns is nowhere near as hot – but it makes up for it in humidity. Two minutes and I am drenched in sweat. But I kind of like it though – it’s got character. Which is just as well, because having watched the Brisbane bridge drift downriver on the TV this morning… perhaps I won’t be going there!

So, Cairns is another stop, take a breather place.. well, time to take a breath before my dive trip on Saturday. It’s got a huge mall, and a CameraHouse – which is a good thing, coz I need to get my camera sorted out. And it’s a big thankyou to Chris from CameraHouse Cairns, and Zoran from CameraHouse Melbourne who between them managed to get my camera replaced and we’re back to the high quality images again. Thanks again, guys!

So, spent most of the day sorting that out.. but I did manage to buy another hat and walk along the esplanade, where I managed to survive:

  • getting stung by stingers (by not going in the water – Cairns has year round lethal jellyfish)
  • getting eaten by a saltwater crocodile (there are warning signs on the esplanade, so it must be possible)

Cairns Esplanade (26)

  • getting run over by a skateboarder/rollerblader (far more likely)

Cairns Esplanade (20)Cairns Esplanade (18)

I liked this ‘Chance Encounters’ sign on the sidewalk – in fact, it made me really pay attention – which resulted in a great late night conversation with one of the girls in the hostel.

Cairns Esplanade (24)

– and then Tigger, Snuff and I had a rest on the beach (there’s a saltwater lagoon to swim in – clever Australians)

Cairns Esplanade (6)Cairns Esplanade (3)

Now, I don’t know if it’s the fact that I had a teacher as a parent, or just that I am odd… but am I really the only person who thinks this sign is funnier than they intended….? (branches of this store across the US) (I think I’ve posted this before, but the signs got me thinking around here)

(it’s all in the comma, guys)

..and did anyone sign up for this Cairns fitness initiative?

Cairns Esplanade (15)

And would I want someone to buy me a souvenir from this gift shop (I went to Cairns and all he got me was an OK Gift)


The hostel is nice, though – beautiful handwritten signs all over, nice pool, nice lounging area – shame about the coin operated airconditioning.

Traveller's Oasis (2)

But anyway, I’m leaving dry land for three days to go liveaboard a boat on the Great Barrier Reef! Speak to you when that’s over!!


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