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Happy New Year in Adelaide . . . .

4 Jan


So, arriving at 6:00 am in Adelaide on New Year’s Eve… time to shower and then see what’s going on in town. One of the girls from the tour is in Adelaide too, so we take a tram ride to the seaside at Glenelg for a couple of hours in the sun and a quick dip in the sea, then I come back for the evening concert. Interesting to see everyone hiding out of the sun under the pier though.  So New Years Eve was great party fun on the banks of the Torrens River. The pedalos have Christmas lights on them and it all looks pretty funky.

Glenelg (4)Glenelg (1)

The opening act the Funkees make Hi 5 look classy – although the kids seem to like them – but the music gets better with Mr Buzzy (good covers band, really bad name) and local heroes The Touch and The Shiny Brights. I like them.. And they are certainly good fun to watch.

Elder Park (16)Elder Park (14)

The fireworks are fabulous, though – Adelaide sends 12 tons of them up into the air – it’s truly magical. And Sydney only (!) sent up 7 tonnes this year

Fireworks (2)Fireworks (10)

It’s a bit odd knowing that all my friends back in the UK are ten and a half hours away from New Year though – my son enquires if 2011 is an improvement and whether we have flying cars yet.

Melbourne on Christmas Day may be buzzing, but New Year’s Day in Adelaide is completely dead! So time for a few New Year thoughts (watch this space!) and a walk by the Torrens and into the Botanical Gardens. I did manage to catch some of David Guetta’s set at Summer Layze in the park too, which was a bonus

Elder Park (13)

It’s a quick stop in Adelaide – next stop… Alice Springs. See you there…..

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