Melbourne–the day in the middle

27 Dec

Thought I’d better do a quick post to fill in the gaps…. So, they threw me out of The Nunnery on Boxing Day (booh, hiss) – unlike one of the other guests, who was ejected for drunken naked revelry on Christmas Day (most un nun-like), they threw me out because they hadn’t got room (too many cricket fans). So down the road to the Collingwood Backpackers… no nuns, low budget but high speed internet! (In Australia, the only way to buy internet access is by bandwidth AND capacity – which is why most hostels charge for internet access.) This hostel simply puts an extra few cents on each nights stay. Very illuminated (and fortunate – it’s a lot further to the library from here).

Now, a word of warning. Just because you’ve found 137-139 Johnston St does NOT mean that you’ve arrived at the right place. Bizarrely, there might just be another 137-139 Johnston St ON THE SAME ROAD but in a different part of town. This is not a good thing to realise while carrying a full backpack.

They do have some fabulous graffiti art here though. Check out this ad for the local Vespa shop (took that for little brother). And for some reason related to some popular game played with a leather ball, some bits of wood and a wooden bat, the locals are very grumpy at the moment, although there have been no attacks on bemused Poms.


Anyway, suitably installed, I took some time out to review my web site ready for launching some new products, events and workshops in 2011… there have been lots of things happening for me over the last couple of weeks that have inspired me to write.. And get ready…

It helps that I found Ta-Co’s Choc Shock Café. This is not good for the wallet or the waistline, but the Chilli Hot Shockolate is incredible (word for the wise – choose ‘medium spicy’), the chocolates are awesome and the churros…. Oh, the churros… That’s knocked the Cubans off the top spot in hot chocolate manufacture…yet another good reason for moving to Melbourne….


Anyway, suitably inspired, I’ve redone my agenda (noticed I can’t count) and finished the first draft of my web site – check out for the latest.

Early morning pickup for the Great Ocean Road to Lorne and then on to Adelaide, re-emerging on Friday for New Year . . . .

PS – I’ve put some thoughts on the Registered Disciple blog on the Path of the Wizard


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