Tigger and Snuff’s Australian Christmas

26 Dec

It’s Christmas but not as we know it, Tim…

In my 2009 goals I wrote ‘have a different kind of Christmas’. What I MEANT was to have some friends round, or volunteer at a soup kitchen. Not spend it half way round the world in the middle of summer.

For the last 10 years Christmas has had a kind of routine to it. Christmas Eve curry with my brother.. Christmas Day walk by the river or in the park… Christmas day lunch on my own (probably – you never know) and then an invasion by my kids later on Christmas Day.

Well, just cause I’m halfway round the world, doesn’t mean I am going to be lonely..and just cause I’m in Australia, it doesn’t mean that routine is going to be different either. So, here are the Christmas adventures of Tim, Tigger and Snuff.

I stop off at Federation Square first for ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ on the big screen. Christmas Eve is a broadcast transmission in Federation Square – the real thing is happening down the road at the Music Bowl – Carols by Candlelight. I’m a bit perplexed by the football playing magpie (mascot for the local Aussie Rules Football team (rugby hasn’t really caught on in Melbourne yet).

Carols By Candlelight (2)Carols By Candlelight (7)Carols By Candlelight (9)Carols By Candlelight (10)

Lots of fairies and elves in attendance. It’s good fun though, and some of the artistes really get caught up in their songs. Kids entertainers Hi5 put in an appearance, and there are some duelling acoustic guitars to liven up Jingle Bell Rock.

I didn’t plan on being out so late, though, and in search of warmth, Tigger, Snuff and I go off in search of that curry. We find just the thing at FunkyCurry Café.

City SquareFunky Curry (1)Funky Curry (2)

Warmed and refreshed, it’s back to the carols and even more passionate deliveries. And back to the nuns, where the party is in full swing. Well, the drinking game is getting heated, anyway.

Having decided to have a lie in, I am rudely awakened at 7:15 by the Black Eyed Peas. And at 7:20. And 7:25. And 7:30. Someone has it as their alarm tone. Briefly toy with the idea of dropping the phone down the sink. Decide to get up instead.

After breakfast provided by the nuns, and a little reading, meditation an prayer, I wander off for my walk by the river. In this case it’s the River Yarra, and the park is Yarra Park and the Botanical Gardens. Mind you, it’s a long way to St

Yarra River (9)Yarra River (1)

We make a few extra friends along the way . . .

Albert Park (2)Albert Park (4)

. . . And walk by the lake . . .

Albert Park (1)

And arrive at St Kilda. In common with previous Christmas traditions, Christmas dinner is a little late – but I didn’t expect to spend it watching a half naked cricket team wearing Christmas hats, or a equally behatted frisbee competition. Everyone’s out for a picnic.

St Kilda (9)St Kilda (10)

A chance to gaze out to sea

St Kilda (13)

A walk along the pier reveals some cute little penguins hiding in the breakwater…

St Kilda (21)

…and then back to town. I love this city. On Christmas Day, the trams are free . . . And Starbucks (and half of town) is open.

On the tram (2)Starbucks (2)

Back to the nunnery then, and Christmas tea. No trifle, no turkey sandwiches, but a good old English breakfast. Well, I am at the other end of the world, so something’s bound to be back to front.


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