Merry Christmas, everybody . . . .

24 Dec

So here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun….

For me, there really is something spectacularly wonderful about Christmas. I’m the guy who deliberately goes out shopping on Christmas Eve because I love the atmosphere (it’s not so much fun in Melbourne – can’t quite get in the Christmas spirit when it’s bright and sunny)… who gets all sad when the Christmas adverts disappear as soon as the shops shut on Christmas Eve. I’m convinced Santa Claus is still alive and well and planning a comeback tour (that’s OK, but he needs to leave the elves behind). I love the sparkle, the lights, the cuteness of it all… and (in the UK at least) we manage to brighten up a dismal time of year with lights, and tinsel, and angels…


I don’t miss ‘Lonesome this Christmas’ playing on rotation in supermarkets – but I’ll be lining up The Pogues, Wizzard, Slade and all those fabulous Christmas hits (including, to my eternal shame, the ‘Girls Aloud Christmas Bonus CD’). Picnic time for Christmas dinner this year though.

And watching ‘It’s a wonderful life’. On the big screen. Outdoors. Now, if I can just find that Nunnery copy of ‘Love Actually’


Somehow, Christmas is one of those times when the barrier between our usual world and the magical world starts to grow thin – when, somehow, anything might be possible. When it just might be possible for one man to travel round the world in a night and bring hope and happiness around the world. Where it might just be possible to deliver presents down a chimney that’s been blocked for years. Where happiness is real, and love is guaranteed. And where ‘anything is possible’ here might be where love, finally, breaks through. Sure, sometimes Christmas can be a real tough time, putting a huge strain on relationships and bank balances.. And it can be a time when love finally wins through – when we actually try and be kind to each other. And who’s to say that’s not the reality, anyway? So let’s just reach out to one another.. Let’s be kind to each other.. Let’s enjoy each other’s company..

So to all my friends across the world – wherever you find yourselves, whatever you find yourselves doing – I am eternally grateful that you are part of my life in some way. The world is a richer, warmer and more wonderful place simply because you are in it. So, this Christmas, wave that magic wand. Make a difference. Share some love. Make a friend. Reach out to someone. Tell someone you love them. Call someone you haven’t seen for ages. Give someone a hug. Give lots of people hugs. Get good value out of the mistletoe. Forgive people. Love people.

And if that makes you feel good… carry on doing it. Create magic. Create miracles. Bring heaven to earth.

I may be a long way away from many of you (and probably sufficiently close to some others of you that you’re actually starting to get nervous) – but thankyou for who you are. Thankyou for what you’re doing. Thankyou for being part of this wonderful, glorious,beautiful world. And thankyou for being a part of mine.

It’s time for magic . . .

Alton Towers (15)Wizard


One Response to “Merry Christmas, everybody . . . .”

  1. Brethren December 25, 2010 at 10:28 am #

    Have a great Xmas yourself out on your big adventure like some kind of grown up! But we know you’d rather be playing games where someone gets electrocuted or daft sports with the rest of the family and that makes it all good. Be very happy bro’, love you loads.


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