It’s Christmas Time in Tas. No, really, it is….

21 Dec

Well, I’ve taken a very relaxed few days to catch up with stuff – and to start preparations for new programmes, workshops and stuff that will start to pour out next year. Some very exciting things planned – and I promise you’ll be amongst the first to hear about them.

So, Christmas in Tasmania. It’s very odd. Christmas decorations are up – but they don’t seem to make an impact. Perhaps it’s just too bright (although there’s been a lot of rain lately) – they don’t light them like we do in the UK – no point, as it isn’t dark until 10:00 at which point no-one is checking the lights out.

I did go down to ‘Carols on the Bay’ at the weekend – a cross between a carol festival and a music festival where everyone brings a picnic while wearing a santa hat and carrying candles. I’m struggling with the whole ‘wrong time of year’ thing! Sandy Bay (where it was held) is a nice part of Hobart – although a monumental navigational error meant it took me twice as long as it should have to walk back.

Sandy Bay (3)P1030669


And the whole lunar eclipse passed me by – Hobarts hills, mountains, and cloud cover defeating me completely!!

And I spent a pleasant Saturday wandering the market at Salamanca Square, where I came across a jolly good Irish band

Salamanca Sq (3)

And this chap, who did, as promised, throw a card on top of an adjoining roof (not as easy as you might think) and did a most excellent mind reading trick that has me foxed – seems like a forced number trick but I can’t quite work it out! He was staying at the hostel with me so it was kinda cool to watch him for a while!


And Tigger has now been rejoined by Snuff. After posing by this memorial to Abel Tasman in Salamanca Square, Snuff promptly fell in the fountain.

Salamanca Sq (13)P1030672

And, finally – I liked this sign…outside ‘Fish Frenzy’ – great fish and chips apparently, but I had mine from the fish punt in the harbour at half the price, and sat and watched the world go by….P1030671

Next stop Melbourne….


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