Technology time

28 Nov

Did you know, I was once offered the job of ‘Head of Toys’ for Unilever – playing with all the latest gadgets.  Yes, of course I took the job.


Well, I am packing quite a bit of technology on this trip, and I’ve just added to it by buying an ereader so I don’t have to

  1. Buy the Lonely Planet guides for each country (at vastly inflated prices)
  2. Worry about where to GET the guide as I travel
  3. Carry it around
  4. Send it home when I have finished


So I am downloading the guides as I travel… only problem is that the encryption used by Lonely Planet stops it being used on my ereader – so I had to spend a few hours working out how to crack that (a technology problem is a bit like a red rag to a bull to me)


So, also, I am carrying . .


A laptop (would have been an ipad, possibly, but I need the local storage as it’s got a load of TV shows on it).  It’s a bit heavy, but if I’d brought a NetBook I would never have been able to see the screen!


A mobile phone (not sophisticated, just for texting) (currently survived one attempt to lose it)


A TENS unit for pain relief (my shoulder’s a bit crook)


Two MP3 players, one for music, the other for teaching programmes.  The music one has quite an embarrassing collection of music and must not fall into the wrong hands. Ever.


A broken MP3 player for backup


A USB memory stick for backup and for transferring stuff in internet cafes


An extensible cord attached to the memory stick to stop me leaving it in internet cafes


A camera – now slightly wonky after I dropped it but it mostly works if I love it a lot.. (thought I’d lost this but it subsequently turned out to be in my pocket ) (I have lots of pockets)


A battery charger


Far too many cables to connect all the above items together.


Just thought you might be interested.  And it was a quiet night in the hostel.


3 Responses to “Technology time”

  1. Sue Gorringe November 28, 2010 at 6:53 am #

    Any actual clothes? xx

  2. Tim Hodgson November 28, 2010 at 7:28 am #

    No. Doing the entire thing naked. Saves weight.

  3. Andy Lander November 28, 2010 at 1:16 pm #

    Hi Tim,
    Love your blogs, especially after the mini stroke I had last week. You are doing exactly what I did for ten years so it’s a bit like reading my own story. Be careful of using the tens machine too much. You can get lowered results from too much use. (sorry once a medic always a medic). We miss you but know that all of what you are doing will enrich both you and your friends.
    Love and best wishes,
    Andy x

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