Suva… life in the city

11 Nov

So, on board the bus to Suva, after the nicest milkshake ever in tha irport, of all places.  Four hours of trips through luxury hotels, palm tree fringed beaches, Fijian villages, mountain scenery..and into Suva, a boisterous town full of crazy shops, noisy night life – and the Colonial Lodge hostel, a hotch-potch of rooms with a lovely family.

Sunday morning I went to church.. A Fijian Methodist church, of all places, where the congregation, the men dressed to a man in their traditional Fijian skirts, gave it their all.. And so did the preacher.  I have no idea what he was saying, but it sounded good.

And then some time to catch up on email, Facebook and blogging in the shopping centre before going out for a Diwali Bollywood movie. Well, I’d seen ‘RED’ and it sounded like fun! English subtitles though… which reminds me – next time I download catchup TV, I must make sure to avoid the ones that have Dutch subtitles….

And some great sunset pictures over the harbour – they even make this rusting old boat look good!#

And, by the way, my prediction is coming true… I’m getting a New Zealand accent and I haven’t even GOT there yet, hey?


One Response to “Suva… life in the city”

  1. Nikki Rose November 11, 2010 at 2:56 pm #

    Loving it!

    Take care of yourself, Mr H :o)

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