Here we go again – next stop Fiji

2 Nov

Launching from Heathrow Terminal 5 – having had chance to say goodbye to my boys and had a tearful goodbye at T5 to my best friend and dance partner before she went off on adventures of her own.. I hopped on a plane to Los Angeles and into a new adventure.  I felt strangely emotional on the plane – almost a kind of claustrophobia, but also a fear of the unknown, of an uncertain future.  And then into LAX at 7:00pm local, or around 3am UK time… only to find that the flight to Fiji was delayed by 3 hours… so, arriving into Fiji at 8am (or 7pm in the UK).  I’d crossed the equator, and the International Dateline… so now a) I’ve got a whole new set of stars to look at and b) Sunday never existed for me.  Still trying to get my head around that – I think the deal is that I got far more Saturday than I was really entitled to… but I had to sacrifice Sunday altogether.

So, here I am, at Stoney Creek resort, up in the mountains just outside Nadi, Fiji.  It’s beautiful, and tranquil, and I just feel I need to take a couple of days to ground myself, to collect my thoughts, and to allow my energy that’s been chasing me round the planet to catch up with me…. Just, simply, to settle.  I feel far more relaxed now, far more at peace…

The resort have upgraded me to their Love Shack room at no extra charge (thanks, Michelle) which means I am on my own rather than in a dorm – but since there are only three other people, it’s very tranquil anyway.

Oh, yes, and you need to meet my travelling companions.  When I went round Peru I was accompanied by Jeremy the frog, the Inner Compass mascot, who got into all sorts of trouble and into all the photos. 

So this time, I am accompanied by Tigger, the (ahem) tigger, and by Snuff the seal.  Tigger is my personal mascot, a representation of some of the energy I bring, and of the attitude that ‘everything is going to work out fine’.  And Snuff was given to me by my son’s girlfriend, Alice.  Here are Snuff and Tigger in my resort room.  I hope they enjoy the adventure too….

(By the way, this is the view from my balcony.  Told you it was beautiful here)

Only slight fly in the ointment is that I can’t use my laptop… but with the use of a memory stick and Michelle kindly loaning me her laptop – here’s my first blog post from Fiji!


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