Oregon – More Conversation (a post that got away)

26 Oct

One of the reasons I love what is known as the Conversations with God material is that it’s so inclusive.  A favourite saying is ‘this is not a better way, this is just another way’.  That, I think, is one of my main concerns about ‘religion’ – that dictat that says that this is the only way to God/to be saved/to be enlightened.

I’ve looked into enough spiritual paths now to be convinced that isn’t true.  As they put it in Hawaii “‘A’ohe pau ka ‘ike i ka halau ho’okahi” – “All knowledge is not taught in one school”.  I see so much truth in so many paths, so much beauty and love.

So today has been a good day, full of insight, a few tears, being called on to speak, recognition of some mistakes I have made in the past, and new hopes for the future.

And just a snippet of my notes:

“Life is not about you.  The solution to everything you want is to help other people experience what you want to see in your life.  Be the gift you are – step into the living of who you are.  The best way to feel worthy is to help others to feel worthy – and the fastest way to have fun is to be your own magnificent self.  We are all God’s gift to the world – and yet we are afraid to announce it in case someone makes us wrong.  The truth is that no-one has the power to make us ‘wrong’.”


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