Reflections on the journey so far

9 Oct

So, here I am – at the end of an incredible three months of wandering round North and Central America.  I’ve had some amazing tours – experiencing the Green Tortoise approach to travel was just incredible (turn bus into hotel, sleep, wake up somewhere different, turn hotel into bus, visit somewhere else, repeat), and bussing it across Mexico was another experience (get on bus, go to new hotel, get on another bus, see somewhere, get on bus, walk to hotel, repeat).  I met some lovely people and got up close and personal with several of them (on a bus?  For two weeks?  You make friends quickly!).  I’ve learned a little spanish (poquito) – enough to get by.  I’ve learned some useful Hawai’ian (and understand a little more about Huna).  I’ve experienced the culture shocks of Cuba and Mexico, contrasted with the wonders (?) of Las Vegas.

I do know that I need to get rid of some of my backpack contents – so the study books, sleeping bag, sleep mat, and a few bits of electronics will NOT be coming with me next time.  I’ve probably got too many decent clothes and not enough shorts and quick dry gear.

I know I need to get a better grip on my budget so I know where the money is going.  I know that I have to have a better plan sometimes – and sometimes I need to hang loose a bit.  I know I need to hold onto things a bit better: my current lost list is:

Well, over the last three months I’ve lost the use of the following . . . .


  • Two Buff bandanas
  • One hat
  • One pair of headphones
  • Two pairs of glasses
  • Three pencils
  • One necklace
  • One souvenir Mayan birth date description
  • One tripod
  • Sunglasses


  • One Buff bandana (didn’t return from the lavenderia)


  • One torch (strictly, not lost, coz Mitch has got it)


  • Two USB cables

Lost and found

  • Both the little seals from my zip lock bags
  • One of the USB cables

Nearly lost

  • Mobile phone

Must do better next time!

And I am different from who I was.  There’s been a lot of internal learning going on – learning about what I am here for, about what I want to do when this bit of the adventure is over, when I finally get back to the UK (if I do – that’s still open to question).  I’m going to be spending far more time over the next part of the journey writing and working on ‘stuff’ rather than rushing round seeing all the sights.

And there have been some transformational experiences, too.  Some moments when heaven has touched earth, and I have seen a little more clearly who I am – and who God is.  Where I have seen something of the beauty of the world and of humanity – and where I have wept over both.  Where the boundary between the normal and the supernormal has been set aside, and where God has spoken.  Moments where I have been humbled, and speechless.  Moments where I have begun to understand my purpose, my dream, my future.  Moments where I have chosen a different path from the one I was one.  And moments when I have felt reborn.  New.  Alive.  Powerful.  Magical.  Real.

So, back to the UK until the end of October.  Time to go dancing (yay!).  Time to catch up with some friends (bigger yay!).  Time to read my post (big cheer from little brother).  Time to visit my kids (Kids.  Who am I kidding).  Time to breathe, restock, and do the washing.


One Response to “Reflections on the journey so far”

  1. Tim Hodgson October 12, 2010 at 12:49 pm #

    Stop press – the phone did disappear in the end.. lost in the seat pocket of a plane from Chicago

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