Cuba – Cienfuegos

8 Oct

So, where to spend the last couple of days?  Well, Cienfuegos is on the way back to Havana, and unlike Spiritus Sancti, I don’t have to get a bus at 8am.  So, Cienfuegos it is then.  Home of Benny Moré, built on one of the finest bays in the world, and home to Cuba’s unfinished nuclear reactor, abandoned when the Soviet cash ran out.

I found out that the casa particulares are run like the Mafia… I booked for Villa Raquel.. But found I was booked into the Villa Ana Maria.  Next door.  And very lovely it was too.  They spoke no English whatsoever.  I speak enough Spanish to order beer and an omelette.

Cienfuegos has a French heart, and some beautiful buildings – an incredibly long promenade that runs down the end of the town and onto the Punta Gorda promontory.  It felt, I have to say, the most civilised and westernised town I had been to in Cuba.


Bus Service

A brief visit – enough time for a son concert and dancing near the beach, to wander down to the beach and watch a young lady fishing from the promenade, and to see the sun go down.

Then, well, back on the bus.  Five hours to Havana, then overnight in the airport before the flight to Cancun.  Then another overnight in the airport before the flight to Chicago and then the return to the UK.

Sorry – I LIKE sunsets!

Although what, I ask, can I possibly have done that merits being punished by Alvin and the Chipmunks, dubbed in Spanish?

Cuba was the first country on this trip where I didn’t speak the language (Hawai’i doesn’t count – it’s American!) and wasn’t on a tour – and apart from three Australian girls I shared the bus with back from Trinidad, I was on my own… and I did just fine.

Oh – and that stretch Lada?  Found it.

And, of course, then night one of travel – the delights of an overnight stay in Havana airport and a few hours of snatched sleep (after getting grilled by security, who wanted to know exactly how much I had paid for my trip to the airport… presumably so they could collect their percentage?)


One Response to “Cuba – Cienfuegos”

  1. Small October 8, 2010 at 6:04 pm #

    Back soon bud. Adventure is just on pause mind.
    Will make sure curry house is expecting you.

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