Just how DO you pronounce Oaxaca?

11 Sep

And then on to Oaxaca.  Another bus, taking us past the mountains of Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl, rising dramatically above the town.

We see condors wheeling in a pillar, using the thermals to rise.  We see beautiful lush green landscapes, where quarries cut out of the mountain give it a strange beauty.  The hills become covered with cacti, different shapes peppering the hills. Little villages rush by, each with its own huge, beautifully painted church painted in ochres and reds

Oaxaca is a lovely town, full of bustling markets, We stop to sample grasshoppers sold by one little old lady.  W rush past the smell of the meat stall.  Each of the roads seems to specialise in one particular product – the street of sweets, the street of shoes, the street of oddly painted souvenirs… but where is the street of hats when you need it.

We take a tour out f town, visiting the historic site of Mitlan – beautifully crafted buildings, with tiny tombs too short to stand up in – bending the head, the knees, everything…

We listen to how they make mezcal from the agave cactus… and it would be rude not to sample it, even if we have to contend with eating the mezcal worm (can a vegetarian drink mezcal?)  Yours truly had to try….

The streets are full of tuk tuks, making it look like Thailand but with larger moustaches.  Chilli goes on everything, adding a zing… mango & chilli, potato crisps and chilli, grasshoppers and chilli….I like this town!

We visit the ancient tree in Tula, the oldest living tree.  We learn how to make rugs using natural dye in traditional Zapotec style – and just HOW difficult it is to make a Picasso copy in rug form.

We stop off at the stamp museum (largely because our best spanish speaker (and she’s good) didn’t know what filatelia meant but the museum was free… but a huge laugh (although we can’t remember WHY now…)

Sarah looking gorgeous (well, they said philately would get me everywhere)

The Friday market has mad queues of people for food, for pirate DVDs.. crazy wild – although the army is out in force incase the legendary Zapotec unrest kicks off again…

And then the night bus… twelve hours on yet another bus, on the way to San Cristobal..


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