I’m gonna break out of the city…..

10 Sep

…Leave the people here behind
Searching for adventure
It’s the kind of life to find
(Eddie and the Hot Rods)

And so a few days in Mexico City. When I’ve told people I’m travelling there, they’ve gone pale an asked if I was going to be safe. I suspect that provided I don’t run for public office or get involved in a major court case then I should be fine.

And Mexico City seems safer than perhaps it is… but it is safer than everyone thinks. Provided we take care, then we’ll probably be OK. After all, says the tour guide, she’s only been robbed twice. Hmmm.

On a weekday, Mexico is crazy busy – a mad mix of business people in sharp suitsand well polished shoes, street people and poorly dressed work force…

I’ve eaten some crazy (an really nice) Mexican food and braved the street food (better than the restaurants, I think). And coffee. And churros. Lots of churros.

Visited the anthropological musemum, with lots of Mayan and other indiginous art… including this little chap….

and this huge pillar in the centre supporting the roof – they don’t bother draining the water, just let it fall to the ground..

We took the metro to the bus station.. 16 people with rucksacks in a Mexican rush hour. Now THAT’s taking a risk. And a quick 2 hour bus to Puebla.. Perhaps a little safer, perhaps a little more beautiful. I like the place – the decorations are up ready for Mexican independence day (the bicentennial – should be one hell of a party). The hotel’s not as great (but kinda cute, my bed slopes and the pillow is distinctly lumpy..

They’re getting ready for the bicentennial of independence in Mexico – so all the zocalos (local squares) are decorated in tinsel . . . because the national colours are red and green, it feels like Christmas

Jess & Sarah

So we’ve wandered the streets a lot – wandered into lots of churches, which always leave me vaguely creeped out by the relics and statuary. In one, the bishops were on the high altar… while Jesus was stuck in a corner. Something seems wrong, somehow… and yet He seemed more comfortable sat around with the congregation

Did kinda like this juxtaposition of the Sol truck and the church though . .

And on the last night, the heavens opened, throwing huge amounts of water into the streets, and lighting up the sky with an electrical storm, bathing the cathedral in a beautiful and ethereal light. How do I know this.. Because I’m a Scorpio, and water is my element… I just threw my coat on and walked the deserted streets – just a few courting couples huddled in doorways, the street vendors shutting up shop for the night, and the street people, wrapped up against the damp and the cold. And somehow, my heart went out to them all….


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