Here we go again – Canyons of the West

30 Aug

So, off we set again, back on the bus for the Canyons of the West tour.  And I would be proved to be right…. another amazing week.

The previous bus had 24 people on it – this time, the die hards from the previous week (Katherine, Mitch, Jay, Laurie, Jim and myself) were joined by 30 others…. a long overnight bus ride buried in the bowels of the bus in the ‘honeymoon suite’ listening to every movement of the bus – and the other occupant, who I’d only just met, for heaven’s sake!

We ended up in Zion National Park: a huge canyon but containing the daunting Angel’s Landing, a scary climb with chain handholds and terrifying drops.  Best fixed by not looking down.  Beautiful, beautiful views, Quite an achievement for someone with slight feelings of vertigo, which I then doubled by running down the mountain, for an unknown reason….

Overnight camping  led to a visit to Bryce Canyon, where the wind sculpted hoodoos appear in ever corner of the landscape.  A difficult hike in the heat into the canyon following the Fairyland trail and back up, trying to keep up with Marie, the Energizer bunny, and Vanessa, who just kept on going… every turn revealing more beauty and incredibly beautiful views.

There are some incredible people on this trip – the Three Musketeers (myself, Mitch and Jay, with Katherine fulfilling D’Artagnan’s role: the party duo of Cat and Alana, our two most atypical librarians, Bridget and Angela, plus Marie, the ‘beautiful lying French Australian ballerina’ (Angela’s words after she found out ‘drop bears’, indigenous Australian mammals that lie in wait in trees to drop on their prey, weren’t actually real), Lukas, cycling from Maine to Montana, the Brit posse of Luke, Katie and Jess, fresh from helping at a US summer camp… Jeff,  Oona… the list seems endless (and feels endless, when trying to cram them all on a bus)

Angela and VanessaMitch and Marie

So, onto the bus, for a most unexpected evening… the bus was far too crowded tonight, it seemed…which, sometimes, can turn out to be a very good thing.

And I was put in mind of this. . .

“May all your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view…where something strange and more beautiful and full of wonder than your deepest dreams waits for you.” –Edward Abbey

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