I must be in San Francisco….

4 Aug

… someone just cruised past the line of cars at the stop light on a skateboard, two naked men just walked past in support of the local democratic candidate and the live music in the park is chilled and mellow…

A quick review of my travel gear reveals that

  1. I took an extra PC power supply by accident
  2. I already have a hole in my backpack (duck tape to the rescue)
  3. I will be very glad to get rid of the extra study books that I needed to bring
  4. I probably ought to sharpen the knife on my multipurpose tool
  5. I need to check I have a can opener available before I buy more cans
  6. I probably need to attach any future hats to me with string since I have managed to lose three so far
  7. All the study programmes I downloaded to my memory card are corrupted (except for Tony Robbins – I suspect he is incorruptible)
  8. I didn’t bring enough writing paper – either that or I need to stop being so creative..

I’m glad I am coming home in October so I can make the necessary adjustments….


2 Responses to “I must be in San Francisco….”

  1. Nikki Rose August 4, 2010 at 10:06 am #

    Well, given that we have now hurtled into the month of August, and that the light eveings are already drawing in earlier, October will be here before you know it, Tim!

    But you still have so much more to see and experience and enjoy… including those more testing moments – like realising you don’t have a tin opener to get into your tin of bins! Yes, it tests your patience and powers of lateral thinking, but the beans are so much more appreciated when you finally get at them ;o)

    Holes! Chicken-wire lining the inside of your rucksack to reinforce it, was what was recommneded to me when I went backpacking round South America nearly 18 years ago! It also prevents anyone cutting the bottom of your rucksack and getting away with whatever falls out of the bottom – so I was advised! Funny what you remember…But I’m sure the places you’re visiting are more wholesome than some of the ones I encountered ;o)


    • Tim Hodgson August 4, 2010 at 5:15 pm #

      Stops the chickens getting out as well…

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