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I must be in San Francisco….

4 Aug

… someone just cruised past the line of cars at the stop light on a skateboard, two naked men just walked past in support of the local democratic candidate and the live music in the park is chilled and mellow…

A quick review of my travel gear reveals that

  1. I took an extra PC power supply by accident
  2. I already have a hole in my backpack (duck tape to the rescue)
  3. I will be very glad to get rid of the extra study books that I needed to bring
  4. I probably ought to sharpen the knife on my multipurpose tool
  5. I need to check I have a can opener available before I buy more cans
  6. I probably need to attach any future hats to me with string since I have managed to lose three so far
  7. All the study programmes I downloaded to my memory card are corrupted (except for Tony Robbins – I suspect he is incorruptible)
  8. I didn’t bring enough writing paper – either that or I need to stop being so creative..

I’m glad I am coming home in October so I can make the necessary adjustments….

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