20 Jul

A Hawai’ian greeting

Aloha Kakou – let there be love between all of us

– and the response is Aloha Nō (Love indeed)

A shaman is someone who who bridges the gap between the visible and invisible worlds, between human and nature.

A shaman is a healer of relationships: between:

* Mind and Body
* People
* Humans and Nature
* Matter & Spirit

An adventurer shaman works by depersonifying illness, fear or disharmony and healing them through love, cooperation, and harmony – the way Hawai’ian Huna works.  By contrast,  a warrior shaman personifies illness, fear or disharmony and defeats them through power, control and combat

Huna, in a similar way to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is how I got into Huna in the first place, separates us into heart, mind and spirit, while recognising that in truth there is no separation between us (or, indeed, between us and anything else….

Heart, Mind and Spirit

Heart aspect – Ku

The ku is similar to ‘subconscious’. It learns & remembers, develops skills & habits, keeps our integrity, takes care of the body.

It stores memory (genetic and learned). We can find that our memory can be locked up by tension. annot distinguish past, present, future – can only distinguish how ‘real’ something feels. Memory is kinaesthetic (feeling related).  We can use our imagination to create a ‘real’ memory of something – and for example have a skill without learning it.

Ku is not creative though – it works from past experience and is motivated by pain and/or pleasure.

Mind aspect – Lono

This is our conscious awareness internally & externally including hunches, inspiration, ensory impressions. Is the decision maker.  Lono decides where to focus – what to be aware of.

Here’s a thought about choosing : no-one can make a wrong decision about the future, because a present decision does not create a future event – only a present event. It is how you continue thinking about a decision that makes the future turn out how it does. Or as my son put it – there is no such thing as a wrong decision, there is just what happened

Spirit aspect – Kane

This is the soul or god-self, or aumakua, the home of creativity.

Lono generates a pattern by deciding something is true. Ku memorises the pattern. Kane uses the pattern to manifest experience. Kane also gives inspiration to improve the pattern – its primary motivation is harmony.

Your kane decided to accomplish certain things in this lifetime – and you will, one way or another!

And remember – it is easy to be in touch with your own spirit – it is part of you.

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