A brief course in Huna

18 Jul

One of the reasons I am over in Hawai’i is to study Hawai’ian Huna, the ancient yet modern native shamanism of the island.  Core to Huna is the concept of Aloha – love – which instantly set up a connection with me.

So I am not sure how many photographic posts I am going to make over the next few days, but I thought I might start off with some principles of Huna for all my interested readers…

Huna grew out of Polynesian kahuna knowledge (kahuna meaning ‘keeper of the secret’) and really is an attitude of mind, an approach to the world, that blends us with the environment, whether that’s nature or technology (I, for example, have a real connection to technology, to the point that things often ‘fix’ themselves when I am around.  Sometimes, they go loopy when I am around, so it’s not an exact science!

Huna is intensely pragmatic, and doesn’t require a system of belief – in fact, they say ‘if it works, it must be Huna’ thus extending the base of knowledge rather than restricting it.  Key to the system is that the world is alive, and that we can influence that world by our behaviour, our beliefs, and our attitudes.

So, the seven principles of Huna: these are my notes, not a class in Huna – but in keeping with the Huna approach of ‘the world is what you say it is’ – how do YOU perceive these principles?

IKE – the world is what you say it is

Our experience determines how we perceive our world – AND our thoughts determine what we attract.

Everything is a dream – we dream our lives into being

All systems are arbitrary – absolute truth is whatever you decide it is. What matters is how well it works for you.

KALA -There are no limits, everything is possible

The universe is infinite → infinite experience. We can change the rules of the game.

Everything is connected. Influence at a distance

Anything is possible – believe it to experience it

Separation is a useful illusion – we are connected, but thinking of yourself as separate can help you take action

MAKIA -Energy flows where attention goes

Meditation is simply focussed energy.

If you don;’t like what you’ve got – then shift your attention into a new pattern (meditation and hypnosis work well for this)

Attention goes where energy flows – we are attracted to any strong source of energy

Everything is energy

MANAWA -Now is the moment of power

Karma exists only in the moment – your circumstances depend on what you believe NOW.

Everything is relative – we can broaden our scope of ‘now’ and bring past and future in… and so we can change them.

Power increases with sensory attention – focus on the sensory present, be consciously aware

ALOHA -To love is to be happy with

Alo” – to share an experience, to be with & “oha” – affection, joy. Happy comes from love, unhappy comes from fear

Love increases as judgement decrease – when we cease to judge, love increases. Focus on the positive, on the stuff that is good. Praise that.

Everything is alive, aware and responsive – don’t criticise yourself, or the world around you – your ku will take it personally and defend itself creating tension.

MANA -All power comes from within

We have the power. If the universe is infinite, then all of its power is at every point – including the point that is you. Every event is creatively attracted by you – and then you react to it or respond to it. Noone can make you unhappy.

Everything has power – everyone, and everything. Learn the power of the rain, of nature, of animals

Power comes from authority – speak with confidence

PONO -Effectiveness is the measure of truth

The means determines the end. A positive approach yields positive results.

There is always another way to do anything – do something different.


2 Responses to “A brief course in Huna”

  1. Maxine July 18, 2010 at 5:49 am #

    Oh to have been raised with these beliefs. It would be almost impossible to be unhappy, envious, greedy, uncaring, destructive, wasteful and all those negative things we in the “developed” world experience.

    • Estelle July 18, 2010 at 8:02 am #

      really interesting stuff even reading it awakened in me a positive energy flow. if only we could all take on those beliefs how our lives would be enriched and i am sure so much happier

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