Hilo – Day 2

16 Jul

Took a bike out again today.  Now, to continue my lessons from the other day….

When you take a bike out, one of the earliest things you should do is check the brakes.  In my case, not only did I not check the brakes, I forgot to check if I HAD any brakes.  Going downhill is not the right time to discover that there are no brake levers.  On THESE bikes, cycling backwards creates the braking.

Another lesson is to check the saddle.  If it’s like a brick, it’s going to hurt.  Especially if you cycle 30 miles.

Now, to return to our language lessons.  The other day we learnt the importance of the word ‘level’ as opposed to the word ‘volcano’ or ‘mountain’.  Today, I remembered that the word ‘fall’ in ‘waterfall’ implies height, and may well mean that a waterfall is not to be found at sea level.  So, I started to cycle back up Mauna Kea.  I love that mountain.  I must do.

Found some beautiful beaches off the beaten track, and even had to ford the river at one point.

Enjoyed amazing smoothies at What’s Shakin’

d) What's Shakin' smoothy hut., Hilo and Kona, United States

Had truly incredible malasadas at Baker Tom’s… these are like donuts, but more so.. I could take or leave the strawberry cheesecake… but the savoury jalapeno and cream cheese was unbelievable.  So that’s breakfast tomorrow too..

I’m pretty certain that tomorrow won’t involve cycling, but hopefully will involve turtles….


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