Kailua Kona Day 2

14 Jul

An educational day, this one.  Learning from my previous error (do not attempt to walk everywhere) I hired a bike from the hostel.  Perhaps I should have noticed the rusty wheels and the fact that I couldn’t adjust the saddle.  Certainly it only had low gears… which proved useful later.

So, I learned that in Hawai’i, as in America, cyclist ALSO ride on the right hand side of the road, just like the cars.  Learned that one fast enough to stay alive.  This, of course, I knew at a theoretical level.

I learned that Hawai’i is fairly flat, at sea level.  That’s why it’s called sea LEVEL.  However, I also learned that Hawai’i has hills.  They are called volcanoes and they go up steeply.  Riding a bike up a hill like that can be a mistake.  This, too, I knew theoretically.  But those low gears came in handy…

I learned that it is wise to test one’s brakes before setting out, especially if you are going to climb a mountain.  This is because you will eventually go downhill, at which point the brakes that you have been ignoring for the last few hours become REALLY handy.

I learned that I have an ability to overestimate how much I can cycle in any given amount of time.  So I NEARLY got to the place where the Hawai’ian people killed Captain Cook.  But I did see some beautiful views…

and some lovely beaches… with some great surf…

and some really spooky and historic places, like the lava tubes that entire communities hid in when the island was attacked, or the holy places sacred to Hawai’ian ancestors.

I also learned that Hawai’i has some beautiful fish… having briefly gone swimming and noticing the fish below me, I promptly cycled into town and bought myself goggles and a snorkel.  Then followed the most incredible couple of hours watching some of the most beautiful (and BIG) fish I’ve seen.  Like these . . .(Hawai’ian names given)




One Response to “Kailua Kona Day 2”

  1. Nikki Rose July 14, 2010 at 9:30 am #

    Oh, you make me laugh! The imagery is fabulous – chuckling away reading of your antics with the bike! Loving it!

    And those fish!!! Just beautiful – it can be a magical world down there. Is that an “under-water” camera you have there, or did you take the pics of the fish through a flat-bottomed boat?

    I’m green with envy already, and want to go back-packing again like I used to – when I was 20 years-or-so younger!!

    Hope your feet are ok – and that you’re not too, erm, ‘saddle-sore’ today … ;o) Ha! :o)

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