Kailua Kona Day 1

14 Jul

Well, armed with a map left behind by a Russian girl I met the night before, I set off round Kailua Kona.  If you think the Kona bit is familiar – yes, this is where Kona coffee comes from.

It’s a kinda quaint town in some ways, and in other ways, really touristy….

I sat by the tiniest beach on the planet for a while, watching some newbie divers taking their first plunge into the depths… then I trekked off up to the north of the island in search of sea and tranquillity.  Walking on the old international airport I found sea, tranquillity, and black lava rock – a reminder that Big Island is volcanic.  The smell of sulphur and ash hangs in the air this side of the island – the dark and ominous clouds that shroud the mountains aren’t rain clouds – they’re vog – volcanic smog.

Down on the seafront you can find King Kamehama’s meditation house – King Kamehama was one of the great kings of Hawai’i.

I spent a peaceful few minutes in Hawai’i’s first Christian church – well, as peaceful as it can be when they are getting ready for bible school in the evening.  Sadly, I was too old to take the class.

So now my feet hurt, and I feel as if I have walked across the whole island.

And again, this evening, more rain.  Lots of rain.  And somehow that’s incredibly cleansing.

A good first day…


One Response to “Kailua Kona Day 1”

  1. Nikki Rose July 14, 2010 at 9:22 am #

    Glad you’ve enjoyed your first day’s exploring, Tim :o) Keep the photos coming, too, with your daily blog; so many of us will be living this journey with you…

    Hope you were able to give the old feet a good hot soak and massage; you’ll have to look after them in preparation for all the dances you’ll be asked for on your return! ;o)

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