My Itinerary

10 Jul

Subject to change… but here we go

Section 1 North America


Flight London to Kona (via Los Angeles) (11 July)


Stay in Volcano, Hawaii

Hawai’ian Shamanism class with Serge Kahili King (5 days) (19-23 July)

Flight to Maui (24 July)

Stay in Maui

Flight Maui to Medford Oregon (via San Francisco) (28 July)


Workshop with Neale Donald Walsch (3 days) (29 July – 1 Aug)

Touring USA

Touring – to be decided

Stay San Francisco

Tour American National Parks (14 days) (13-28 Aug)

Stay San Francisco

Overland to Mexico City (31 Aug – 2 Sep)


Mexico tour (Mexico City to Cancun) – visit Mayan sites (4-18 Sep)

Stay Cancun

Flight to Havana (22 Sep)


Stay Havana

Flight to Cancun (5 Oct)


Flight return to London (6 Oct)


Joel Osteen at O2 (8 Oct)

Back home (wherever that is) (9 Oct)

Southport (15-17 Oct)

Stay in UK for a few weeks to recover!

Section 2 Asia & Australasia


Flight to Fiji (30th October)


Stay Fiji

Complete PADI course

Flight to Auckland (19th November)

New Zealand

Tour NZ Overland to Christchurch

Flight to Hobart (10th Dec)


Tour Tasmania

Flight to Melbourne (22nd December)


Stay & tour Melbourne (Christmas)

Overland to Adelaide

Stay & tour Adelaide (New Year)

Flight to Alice Springs (2nd January)

Tour Uluru

Overland to Darwin

Flight to Cairns (10th January)

Overland to Sydney (dive Great Barrier)

Stay Sydney

Flight Sydney to Bangkok (2nd February)


Stay Bangkok & tour

Overland to Chiang Mai (~22nd February)

Stay Chiang Mai & tour

Overland to Luang Prabang (~14th March)


Stay Luang Prabang & tour

Overland to Vang Vieng (~25th March)

Stay Vang Vieng & tour

Overland to Phnom Penh (~5th April)


Stay Phnom Penh & tour

Overland to Ho Chi Minh (~21st April)


Stay Ho Chi Minh & tour

Overland to Hanoi (~2nd May)

Stay Ha Noi & tour

Overland to Hong Kong (~13th May)


Stay Hong Kong

Overland to Shanghai (~24th May)

Stay Shanghai

Overland to Beijing (~2nd June)

Tour to Xi’an (Start 8th June)

Fly to Tibet (13th June)

Tour to Kathmandu (arrive 1st Jul)


Stay Kathmandu and tour

Overland to Varanasi (6th July)


Overland to Delhi (11th July)

Flight to UK (16th July)

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